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IMG_0187This is the last photo of Jules, sunning himself in our yard, as he loved to do.

Dr. Jules, my first canine co-therapist, has passed away.

By one estimate, he may have been 18 years old.  He had been blind for the last 9 years of his life.  I adopted him, already elderly and blind, because I thought no one else would.  To my surprise, he turned out to be a sensitive and gifted “co-therapist,” coming to work with me and calming people’s fears, helping people to get out of their own perspective and relax enough to see things in a new way.  He brought healing with him, wherever he went. I’ve written about Jules’ story in my book, Healing Circles:  Grieving, Healing and Bonding with Our Animal Companions.

About a year ago, Jules went into retirement, and enjoyed many naps, numerous walks,  and his favorite delicious treats:  frozen peas!

On May 13, we said good-bye to Jules. Dr. Lisa McIntyre of the Welcome Waggin’ Mobile Veterinary Services, came to our home and with great kindness and sensitivity, brought Jules the blessed escape from his pain. He went to sleep peacefully in my lap: a good send off for a very, very good dog.

He is buried in our yard, where he loved to lie in the sun’s rays. We love you, Jules.