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three amigos spring 12

Many people have reported dreaming vividly of their deceased pet. It is usually a happy dream of holding and playing with their animal friend again. Sometimes the dreamer seems to receive a message from the animal companion, such as, “I am happy now; don’t worry about me.”

Grace, who comes to the pet grief support group to tell the story of her dachshund Buttons, says, “My husband has had two of those dreams already. I want Buttons to come to me in a dream. Every night, I ask her to come to me in a dream, but she never has. I wish I could see her again, even if it’s just in a dream.”

Lana says that although she hasn’t had a dream, she does at times feel “a comforting presence.” Lana says, “In my mind’s eye, I see the park I used to walk her to, I see the vacations we took together, and I feel she’s telling me, ‘You did a lot for me. We had a wonderful life together. Thank you, and be happy now.’”

Some people see signs that they feel their loved one is sending them, indicating love, peace, or well-being. A song comes on the radio, and Joel remembers singing that song to his Rottweiler Harvey, and feels the connection all over again. Christine’s thoughts on a bleak and cold day turn to her Bengal cat Javaka, and suddenly the sun bursts through the clouds; she feels that this bright warmth is sent to her from her loving friend on the other side. Francie notices the large black bird that perches on the railing of her deck and cocks his head at her, not startling or flying away when she looks up to meet his gaze. “My dog Lorenzo was solid black with that blue sheen, like a crow. I look at this crow, and the crow looks at me, and I say, ‘Is that you, Lorenzo?’ and then I laugh at myself and hope nobody heard me. But really, who’s to say?”

Just as grief seems to have a life of its own as it works through us, so does healing. Sometimes the form that healing takes is in these dreams, sensations and thoughts. They may be our way of comforting ourselves, or perhaps they really are communications from beyond. As Francie says, “Who’s to say?”

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