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Here is the guided imagery I promised in my last post.  You will find it easier to do if you have someone read it to you, or if you use a recording of your own voice reading it.

Guided Imagery for Visiting with Your Pet

(To be read slowly and gently)

Begin by placing both feet flat on the floor, and sitting back comfortably. Let the chair (or couch) support your weight, and close your eyes.

Take a deep cleansing breath…. And let it go. Breathe in slowly and deeply and slowly release your breath, just noticing your breath. Continue breathing. Notice how the air is cool as it comes into your nostrils, and warmer as it goes out…. Breathe in, maybe to the count of four in your mind …and breathe out to the count of five…. As you continue to breathe slowly, know that you are slowing your pulse rate, slowing your heart rate, and bringing your mind to a state of alert relaxation—all with your own slow, deep breaths.

Continue to breathe evenly now, as we relax the body, starting with the crown of your head. Imagine your scalp relaxing at the top of your head. Smooth your brow. Relax the area around your eyes…your cheek bones…your mouth…your jaws.

Take a deep breath…and let it go…and relax your neck. You could even turn your head from side to side if you like, to notice the relaxation as it spreads down your neck. Take a deep breath, and let it go.

Relax your shoulders. You could imagine your shoulder blades sliding right down your back. Take a breath and release it.

Relax your upper arms…your elbows…your forearms…wrists…hands…and fingers, all the way down to your fingertips, and any tension that is in your body can go flowing out through your fingertips, leaving your arms feeling totally warm, heavy and relaxed.

Continue breathing, in and out. Relax your chest…. Acknowledge your happy, healthy, beating heart with gratitude…. Relax your gut…your stomach…your waist…your hips. Relax your glutes.

Continue breathing. Relax your thighs…your knees…your calves and ankles. Relax your feet…and toes. And any stress that was still in your body can go flowing out now through your toes, leaving your legs and your entire body warm, peaceful and relaxed.

Now take a mental scan of your entire body, as you continue your breathing, and just notice where you’ve tensed up again—because we usually do; that’s okay—and just send warmth and relaxation to any part or parts of you that need more relaxation.

And now that the body is totally relaxed, let’s go to the mind, where you see yourself standing in a beautiful spiritual light. This is the light that you brought with you when you came into the world. It is a healing and protecting light that has been with you all the time, a light you can always go to. We always know it’s there, but sometimes we just forget about it.

So, continuing to breathe, notice your beautiful light. Notice if it has a color today, a temperature, and anything else that you see or feel about your light. Whatever you see is all right: this is your own light, healing you in mind and body, protecting you on every level, and giving you peaceful energy.

Continue your peaceful and even breathing. As you stand I your light, notice that you are standing by the Entrance to Heaven, the Rainbow Bridge, or to the perfect place your loved one has gone. This Entrance can look any way you see it: pearly gates or a wooden door or hanging beads…or anything you choose.

The most important thing is: your pet is on the other side, and you have come for a visit. Your pet will be allowed to come out and visit with you, not only now, but also any time you choose to practice this guided imagery. So now, see your pet appearing and coming to you….

I will be silent for a few moments while you spend these few moments with your animal companion, any way you would like to: playing, cuddling, talking, and just being together again.

(Allow seven deep breaths of silence to allow the person time here.)

Take a deep, cleansing breath and let it go. Know that after your visit, your pet is going back. However, in the spirit world, a soul can perhaps be in two places at the same time. So your pet, while on the other side, can also be in your heart in a very real way.

So if you like, you can take your pet and put him or her in your heart. See that happening, and notice how it feels now, to have your pet staying in your heart in this special way.

Now, even though your pet is going back through the Entrance to Heaven, or the other side, you are also standing with your pet as a part of you, to carry with you always.

Take another deep breath, and release it.

Now, taking our time, we will slowly prepare to come back to this place and this time.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes, take a few more cleansing breaths…flutter your eye lids. As you return to the here and now, you find yourself feeling alert and refreshed.

Take your time, and only when you are ready, open your eyes.