Healing Circles: How We Heal and Are Healed by Animals

If you had a close bond with animal companion, and he or she has passed away, you may find yourself feeling that a part of you is gone.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find anyone who understands. The people who are closest to you may say the most foolish things.

They try to put it in perspective when they say, “It was just a pet.” They try to be helpful when they say, “Get another one.” They don’t know that these are the unkindest things they could say, because remarks like these show that they do not understand the depth of your attachment to your friend.

For you, “just a pet” does not describe the relationship you had. Your animal companion may have accompanied you through many stages of life, and was often your best support.

Many people say that their pet was truly their best friend, and that they would…

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