The Book Is Out!


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The Book Is Out!

Healing Circles: Grieving, Bonding, and Healing with Our Animal Companions is published and available now on in both paperback and Kindle.

Based on my individual therapy work with people grieving the loss of a cherished pet and in leading a pet grief support group, and on my own life’s observation of that love between animals and their people, this book is ready to go out into the world and, I hope, provide a lot of comfort and validation for people who have a meaningful connection to their pets.

The cover was designed by an amazingly talented artist, Andrea Mistretta, most noted for her colorful and celebratory Mardi Gras art. Andrea and I met in fourth grade, and she taught me to draw. She obviously kept at it, and became a professional artist. We found each other again through the internet, and when we talk, the years melt away.

After I’d written the book, I called Andrea to ask if she would consider designing the cover. She immediately understood that while this is a compassionate and sensitive book to comfort people in pain, it is at the same time a grateful celebration for the bond that can exist between a person and an animal companion.

Andrea created the perfect cover, depicting all three elements of the text: grieving, healing, and bonding.

The book has some of the blog posts here, as well as much added information, such as, the grieving of your other pets, how to help a grieving child, equine therapy, how to create a stronger bond with your pet, and some of my own personal experiences as well.

Please go to Amazon and check it out, and if you would be so kind as to share the book on social media, tweeting, posting, and all that sort of thing (!), I would be most grateful.

Thank you for your encouragement of a new author!

Thank you for your encouragement of a new author!


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